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Website cataloging Stephen Klancher's projects over the years.

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Site to track what you watch, heavily centered around the Browser Extension that connects your viewing history to IMDb and other movie sites.

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Produces a visual representation of the connections between classes in PHP code.

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Abandoned .NET version of the guts of my movie site.

Eye-themed website design.

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Website showcasing the art of Bakersfield artist Barbara Reid.

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Memorial site created for Danny Klancher.

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My blog oriented website from 2002 to 2005, the end of high school and beginning of college.

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My project/game oriented website 2000-2001

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Ill fated History Day website titled "Computers: The Turning Point of Modern History."

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My website in 1999

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Quick and silly website that I made from a day in 1999 when I had borrowed a digital camera and had friends over.

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My first website, made in the summer of 1998 to host my Cancer Doom project and the Windows icons I had made.

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