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My brother and I went to a week long computer camp in the summer of 1999. Impressively, my brother managed to break his arm... at computer camp. Anyway, while there I got to try making simple C++ programs, play with graphics programs, and make this site. The site was hosted on

I ended up using the SMKnight logo elsewhere over several years. I also made an animated gif for the first time while there. Because if there is one thing the internet always needs more of, it's animated gifs. I linked it below rather than show it as a screenshot because now technically this site doesn't have any animated gifs... it just links to one.

I was amused to find this code sitting in the folder for that site:

#include <iostream.h>

void main(void)
cout << "Hello World\n";




That's right, my site had frames... I know you're impressed with my technical prowess.
I end up using this logo several places for years after this, including business cards when I was doing "computer consulting."