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A lot of projects I complete just get abandoned once I'm done, so I wanted a place to display, organize, and make them available for others. This is the site you are on right now.

I originally had it working in PHP from scratch but redid it using the CodeIgniter framework to try something new. This was a rare example of when I've put effort into the separation of HTML and CSS to the extent that different CSS could truly create a different style without changing the HTML. This included both a dropdown box at the top right to manually change the theme, or to have it automatically change based on the tag/category of projects being viewed.
  • There was a "StructureOnly" css theme (screenshot below) that served as a starting place for building other themes.
  • The original default for the site was a purple and gray theme was directly inspired by the appearance of at the time (see from 2010 or screenshots below for comparison).
  • A Kofax theme was based on the blue, orange, green mix of the Kofax Support website at the time (see Kofax Support from 2010 or screenshots below).
  • Later I changed the default to a more simple blue theme.
Though I still like the concept, and the history held here, I had not been using this site for many years already. Now modern versions of PHP don't work with the CodeIgniter framework version I used to build it, and I really don't want to reacquaint myself with both PHP and CodeIgniter to spend time fixing it. Instead, I have disabled the dynamic timeline part of the site and saved a static HTML version (using HTTrack) that can persist without PHP or a database, and no future work needed to preserve the history.

Newer projects are GitHub, although I still like the idea a project site for a wider range of things than might end up on GitHub: non-code projects, projects that won't be open source for one reason or another, etc.


"StructureOnly" theme as starting place for new themes
Kofax Support site (2010) vs Kofax theme (2010) vs PHP theme