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A site to keep track of all of the media that I watch. Especially geared toward keeping track of how many movies I've watched on IMDb lists.

A long time ago I tried to mark all of the movies I had seen with IMDb's "My Movies" feature. It was a tedious process and it seemed like there was nothing useful you could do with the end result. It was a waste of such a cool set of data.

In the summer of 2007 after I finished college, I was supposed to be looking for a job. Part of the time when I claimed to be filling out applications online, I was actually making a very simple Greasemonkey script that allowed me to look up movies on IMDb and save the data back to my own database. I started marking movies daily as I saw them. The initial goal was to show how many movies I had seen total and how many I had seen that were listed on the IMDb Top 250. Despite using Facebook for a site login, it was hardcoded such that only I could use it, and I let the idea atrophy. (Thankfully, the week I moved to Irvine without a job, the UCI job fair led me to my job at Kofax.)

I still worked on it some in 2008 and in 2009 I put a decent amount of effort into rewriting the guts in VB.NET. The idea was that the same .NET guts could power both a website and any desktop client that I wanted to make. Unfortunately for that idea, I changed teams at work around that time. I had to devote too much of my energy to learning new things at work to keep attention on this project.

In 2010 my interest in the project was revitalized and it has been complete rewritten:
  • Anyone can login with their Facebook account
  • Filter movie lists to movies seen, not seen, available for Netflix streaming, etc
  • Use groups with filters to find movies that no one (or everyone) has seen
  • integrates to various degrees with IMDb, Netflix, Hulu, RottenTomatoes, Metacritic, Jinni, and Amazon
  • Visual timeline of movies or episodes watched
  • Firefox Addon or Chrome Extension highlights movies you've seen on IMDb and links data on what you've watched to pages on IMDb, RottenTomoatoes, Metacritic, and Jinni