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Though I don't remember the specifics of what I was supposed to do, in 1999 as a Freshman in high school, I had to do a project for "History Day" and one of the categories was website. I think the general topic was supposed to be an invention which was a turning point in history, so I did "Computers: The Turning Point of Modern History." Is it obvious yet that I wasn't going to be delivering something my teacher liked?

Even though my project was a website about computers, I still had arbitrary requirements to have 50 sources, 5 which had to interviews, and I think only 10 of which could be from the internet. And 1999 was much deeper in the teachers-hate-internet-sources days.

So I made a site with some meager amount of history of computers and threw in a section title "Modern Computers" which I filled with things like a programming section with my own programs and a games section which ran down the history of Doom and Quake. I don't know why I though this was okay. So I turned it in and got a D+. Yay, no F!