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Gift card extraction feature of Kofax Mobile Capture app.

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Kofax Mobile Check Deposit

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Kofax Mobile Driver License

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Cleans up old KTM projects left behind by previous publishes of Kofax Capture batch classes.

The viewer that can be docked or floated in KTM Validation can disappear under certain conditions and this utility will reset and, to an extent, prevent future occurrences of this.

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This utility will restore the proper names of KTM licenses after a Kofax Capture license reset. (Xtrata Pro => KTM)

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Injects code into Kofax Transformation Modules projects to log detailed information to Sysinternals Process Monitor.

Diagnostic tool for testing Oracle tables and views with Kofax Transformation Modules.

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Sample built against Kofax Transformation Toolkit 5.0 which lists databases used by a KTT/KTM project.

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Recovers inaccessible controls from Validation Forms in Kofax Transformation Modules 4.5.

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