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Clears orphaned icons from the notification area (system tray).

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When you need to make a local copy of many data discs: Select a destination, then just insert a new disc every time the previous disc is ejected.

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Adaptive alarm based on live sleep stage data recorded by Zeo Mobile for Android.

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Sample built against Kofax Transformation Toolkit 5.0 which lists databases used by a KTT/KTM project.

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Monitors the data types of anything copied to the clipboard.

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Given a folder and list of extensions, allows opening random files.

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Uses the Last.FM API to create genre-based playlists with mp3s on your local system.

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Recreates the contents of a directory as zero-byte files from an HTML directory list to be able to make a zero-memory copy of folder structures. Superseded by a simpler utility for the same purpose: CopyDummyFiles.

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Program written for a Contemporary Music class which plays sounds such that the tempo represents the stress of life and quotes from The Big Lebowski act as a reminder to slow down and relax.

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Show a snapshot of your computer's files on your TI-89. File/folder changes made on the calculator would be sync'd back to the computer.

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Generates a constantly updated script such that it will tell you in-game the current time and time left on the current map.

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A version of the game Battleship that I wrote for the TI-89 Calculator in TI-BASIC.

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Learning experience in trying to make a tile based game imitating Link's Awakening.

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