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This is PHP code that produces a visual representation of the connections between classes in PHP code.

Here's what I said when I initially finished it:
"The code is basically counting occurances of calls to static methods/constants/variables, creation of instances of class via the 'new' keyword, references to parent class, references to a class via PHP5 Type Hinting. Notably, it does not count calls to instance methods/constants/variables because then I would have to try to keep track of variable type while parsing source. Though the calls aren't being counted it terms of numbers, the dependency on the class of the instance variable will still have at least one reference and be mapped as long as there is either a 'new' or a type hinted parameter. Which... there totally should be."



Diagram of the classes in my movie site when I first finished the diagramming code mid 2010.
Diagram of the classes in my movie site about 6 months later.