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This issue has been resolved in one of the patches to KTM 5.5 and so this utility should no longer be needed.

The viewer that can be docked or floated in KTM Validation can disappear under certain conditions and this utility will reset and, to an extent, prevent future occurrences of this.

This utility will reset all users' KTM Validation settings including the Docked/Floated state of the Viewer, then it will open KTM Validation where you should open a batch, then close the module. This will cause KTM Validation to create an XML file in the All Users location, which we will then copy to the user directory for each user who has logged into Windows/Citrix on this system. These users can then float or dock their viewers and should have no further problems. New users who have never logged into Windows/Citrix on this machine could still see the problem, and need this utility to be run again.