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TechHELP was Tim's project, but I made significant contributions to it. Before Kofax Support transitioned to SalesForce, this was an internal web frontend to view support cases as an alternative to the unituitive old CMS program we used. It was fun working on this because it was collaborative, the end product actively made my job easier, and other people enjoyed using it.

Despite that, project was done with the "ask forgiveness, not permission"-idea. We had access to resources we were not meant to, but no one took any action about that because what we made was unarguably useful, and we would be moving to SalesForce eventually anyway.

The main appeal was that it provided a very simple view to cases of various criteria, highlighting cases that needed attention. Domain authentication was used to show an individuals cases without any login needed. It even tied in with the other systems to show knowledgebase articles written and Software Problem Reports written. Customer Surveys were exposed as well, which were not available to us before, and have not been available to us again after the move to SalesForce.

The more experimental features included a search to try to make sense of the (at the time) mess of contact information, and a chart to show chart to show knowledgebase articles most often used to solve cases.