Show All Projects has a quotes program I wrote that I had bound to [diamond]+5 on my calc. Any time it was run it would display a random quote or odd phrase along with the crudely drawn images of the friends known for saying it. also has the calculator version of BobNSean which was just a joke program in the first place. is just a test of the grayscale features of the flib library (there is no native grayscale on the calc), to display an scene from a Counter-Strike minigame I was making. I had a calculator freeze which required a hard reset and I lost all work on this other than the test image. has the only assembly program I've ever written which just clears the screen and displays some song lyrics. Misc also has the beginnings of my attempt to write a calc program that would parse/display html. I must have been super bored in class. just has some random math functions I wrote. Nothing super impressive.



Scene from my Counter-Strike minigame, showing components used to make a grayscale image.
Sword logo I used in a few calc programs