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Technically we were breaking the rules, but there is beauty in perfecting automation. Bob and I were botting in RO. For the uninformed: This means instead of playing ourselves, we had a program (several instances in fact) automatically playing the Korean massively multiplayer online game Ragnarok Online. The benefits being that with minimal time actually playing, we had high level characters, and accumulated in-game currency and rare items.

On one hand, I was pleased with how well I had tweaked the settings to control the bot, but the real project here was setting up a website that automatically parsed the bot program's logs to create a visual inventory of our characters and items. We used this as a virtual storefront to sell the currency and items. I thought the site turned out very pretty as it was the first time I really put any effort into CSS and I was using the already cute graphics from the game. The fact that it auto updated from "real" data along with code that showed when we were available to buyers on AIM made this pretty neat.