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In spring of 2004, the last quarter of my first year of college, I took the class Music 14 - Contemporary Music.
We had to do a project involving making music somehow... frankly I don't remember the specifics. My inclination was to play with code and movie quotes and try to make that somehow work for the class.

Like everything in college, I waited until the last moment to do this. As an extra complication, my project was due to be presented on the friday of Sungod, the big music festival which is the one day of the year that UCSD parties like San Diego State. So I was furiously trying to finish writing this program, then literally ran to class, presented the program and its output, then proceeded to join the Sungod festivities. Here is the description I had with the presentation:

For my project I wrote a computer program that plays a series of sounds according to rules that I designed. The sounds are all of "multimedia" inspiration: they sound like they are from generic videogames, and also used are quotes from the movie The Big Lebowski. The sounds begin with a randomly initiated interval and then get faster until they plateau at a fast speed. At that point the sounds drop off and a random quote from the movie is played. After this the sounds are resumed with the interval reversed so they slow down again. During the entirety of this, a background sound is looping. The pattern used is this: the first sound is at an unchanging interval of repetition. The next changes its interval 1ms/s, the next 2ms/s, and so on. The underlying idea is that we constantly have media speeding up our lives and causing lots of stress. The lifestyle and goals of the main character of The Big Lebowski are very relaxed and are a reminder to slow down the music and also our lives.

No need to run the program, the output is recorded as mp3s below.