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Following my map of Goldeneye's Complex, this was Bob's map of Bunkers from Goldeneye. He finished a majority of the layout in 2000 before he stopped working on it and turned it over to me. In 2004 I had a resurgence of interest in Quake 3, so I retextured it and cleaned up technical problems like colliding brushes and broken doors. We never got this to a real "finished" state, so it wasn't released anywhere. It looks decent as is, and probably would have been playable if more player spawns and weapons were added.



Here is me in an earlier version. I was screencapping textures from the actual game for Bob back when he was still working on it.
Cells where you had to free Natalia at the start of the level.
Computer room where you found Boris.
Main room
Ground level outside the Bunker