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This was a partially completed StarCraft themed Quake 3 map. The concept was to use the basic layout of the small 4-player StarCraft map named Bloodbath and make it into a, probably team-oriented, Quake 3 map. The map idea seemed well suited to creative use of map triggers. For example, the Photon Cannon actually did shoot plasma, and the Missile Turret did shoot rockets. At some point I had it set up such that the Pylon had an aura that restored health and the two Nydus Canals allowed teleportation between each other. I was considering having timed intervals where either the BattleCrusier would fire its cannon toward the ground, or having a "nuke" hit the middle of the map.

These were the structures that were completed:
Terran - Bunker, Barracks, Command Center, and Supply Depot, BattleCruiser, Missile Turret*.
Protoss - Pylon, Photon Cannon, Nexus.
Zerg - Hatchery, Nydus Canal

*Bob did the Missile Turret.

While working on this I was designing each building then saving it as a prefab so it would be easy to move around or duplicate. The collection of prefabs is available separately.



Overhead view of Bloodbath
I screwed up the lighting in this compile of the map, but the Protoss buildings look good with an eerie glow.
Protoss Photon Cannon
Protoss Pylon
Protoss Nexus
Zerg Hatchery
Nydus Canal next to Hatchery warps to Nydus Canal near BattleCruiser
Terran Bunker
Terran Barracks, which hadn't be placed in the map by the time I stopped work on this project.
Terran Supply Depot
Terran Command Center
Terran BattleCruiser
Terran Missile Turret