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This is a partially completed Quake 3 map modeled after Prontera, capital city of Rune Midgard in the Korean MMO Ragnarok Online. Every time I look back at this project I get nostalgic because I loved both RO and Quake 3. Prontera is a pretty decent sized city to try to recreate, and as I see in notes I wrote at the time, I had 48 buildings placed so far with the 5 unique building designs I had completed. One of the plans I tossed around to try to actually finish the project was to change it to the neighboring city of Izlude. It was a much smaller city and I could have reused much of what I had already done.

The reason for the size of the download is
  1. It includes not just all of the textures used in the map, but all of the textures I planned to use in finishing it.
  2. The Prontera music is included and, as far as I am aware, Quake 3 only plays Wave format, so the music itself is 23Mb.
  3. Also, because it was already a sizable download, I left in the daily builds I was doing for a while. In addition to using "map prontera" to load the latest version, you can also do "map prontera-2004-07-xx" where xx is 18-21 for my progress from each of the days I was working on this.
Though it is probably not in a usable state, I also did some work at converting it to Doom 3 format.



Overhead view of my map compared to the in-game mini-map from RO
A closer view of the center of the city
South Gate of Prontera