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I recreated the map Complex from N64's Goldeneye for Quake 3 Arena. The separate music download is level appropriate music that I used when I played it but did not include in the original because back in 2000 download size mattered too much to add a few unnecessary Mb.

I was never sure how my map ended up on a LvL map review. I would not have voluntarily subjected it to such scrutiny given that it is just a remake from another game and has a number of technical inadequacies in its construction. I am amused to see that it has almost a hundred thousand downloads on the FileFront link.

At different points I played with converting the map to Doom 3 and to Counter-Strike. The Doom 3 version only might work, but the Counter-Strike version is playable. Put de_complex.bsp in counter-strike\valve\maps and complex.wad in counter-strike\valve\.

Long after I found it had been adapted to a derivative game called Urban Terror, and even played on someone's server devoted to Goldeneye maps. I believe adapting it only meant including textures that were from the retail Quake 3 pk3 files. That version is available below as well as a link to a video of people playing it on the UT Goldeneye server. Not long after that someone named per0x1de messaged me on YouTube saying that he had added water and fixed the sky (which I had never done correctly).



At one point I played with converting it to Doom3 format
I even converted it to Counter-Strike (old, not source).
Yes... bombsite triggers work.
Bob and I even attempted to model the DD44 and Moonraker Laser to add to the game.
Complex played on the Urban Terror Goldeneye server.
Per0x1de's water and improved sky version