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This is basically a reimplementation of the Smart Wake feature that was supposed to already be part of Zeo Mobile for Android. Smart Wake is supposed to wake you up in at the optimum time in your sleep cycle (entering or leaving REM sleep). However after using Zeo for several months I never saw this feature work.

After learning they had an open Android API, I make my own version of Smart Wake. It is very limited and very unpolished, but it does work.

At the same time I wrote some PHP code to take CSV exported sleep data and display it in the same style of colorful bar graph/timeline used by Zeo (Example output). The Android API included a sample that would export locally stored data to CSV (CSV Format Documentation). I built the the sample with minor changes to show status of latest data along with allowing the export: Zeo Mobile Data to CSV.

After I finished the most basic functionality for both I lost interest, but planned to come back to it eventually. Unfortunately, my Zeo hardware started having more and more trouble and eventually I stopped using it. I still really though the concept was cool and that maybe I'd come back to it eventually.

At some point later I checked back and found they had gone out of business! More frustrating, that meant all the sleep data I had on their systems was gone. I had since removed the app thus removing local data, so the only bit of data I still had was the CSV file I exported during development.