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This was basically a browser that augmented and recorded information for the turn-based browser game The Reincarnation. MageManager was previously named ArchManager and worked with the predecessor of The Reincarnation, called ArchMage. This was a game that myself and many friends played together in high school and then again in college.

When the game was played through MageManager pages were enhanced with calculations that helped play the game more effectively, or more quickly. It also kept history of interesting statistics of your character over the course of your game (the game was played usually once a day for sets of several months at a time). I had a lot of fun with this project. It was part because I was addicted to the game, part because this project gave me additional incentive to figure out the sometimes mysterious game mechanics, and part because friends were using my program.

I wish I had screenshots or better explanations of the features of this. I don't want to jump back in the game and see if they work at this point, but there was some fun stuff. There was a hidden feature, which I don't think I made available to others back then, which allowed the program to send me a text message when unique items went on sale in the in-game black market. It had to be specifically set to check, but it was a pretty satisfying moment one day when I actually saw a notification that something was available.

The Reincarnation is still around so this program probably still works. You just need to make sure that under Vista/Seven you register MSINET.OCX from an elevated command prompt.

The source code is below as well, however this was long before I learned the value of commenting one's code. Also included is an archive of whatever other ArchMage/TR information I had along with this project.